Introduction to Soil and Water Bioengineering for ecological restoration


Sangalli P., Arizpe D. & Pirrera G.


Soil and Water Bioengineering (SWB): is a discipline that combines technology with Oil and Water Bioengineering (SWB): is a discipline that combines technology with biology, making use of native plants and plant communities as construction material and erosion control in degraded environments. It pursues technological, ecological, economic and landscape regeneration goals. The fields of application are very large, including the restoration of the natural environment of extractive activities (mining, quarrying ...), infrastructure (motorways, railways...) riverbeds, dunes and coastal areas, urban areas… Although these techniques have a potential combined with other techniques of ecological restoration there is still a deficit in knowledge and training of technicians and professionals, both in projects and in the implementation. The proposal that we present is to organize a practical course in soil bioengineering coinciding with the celebration of the 13th SER Europe Conference of Ecological Restoration.

The aim of this course is to introduce the audience in the techniques of soil Bioengineering with a duration of 8 hours divided in two parts: The first part is devoted to theory while in second part will be held a practical workshop in which the participants will construct 1:20 scale models of the following techniques:

Living wattle fence, living brush mattress, fascine, vegetated log crib wall and living grid.

In the theoretical section will be used as teaching aids: video, ppt 

The practical workshop will need a list of material, that will be provided by the AEIP(Spanish association)

This proposal has been prepared by the Spanish Association of Landscape Engineering(AEIP), the Italian Association of Naturalistic Engineering (AIPIN) and has the support ofthe European Federation of Soil Bioengineering.


Morning 8:30-13:30 Afternoon : 15:00-17:00

Lenguages: English, Spanish, Italian


Detailed program:

05/09/2022 Morning 8:30 -13:30 Theorical Session

8:30 Course presentation (Paola Sangalli)

8:45-9:30 Principles for the implementation of soil Bioengineering techniques (Paola Sangalli)

9:30 - 10:30 SW Bioengineering Techniques in river restoration (Gianluigi Pirrera / Albert Sorolla)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:00 SW Bioengineering Techniques in the stabilization of slopes (Guillermo Tardío / Paola Sangalli)

12:00 -13: 30 From project to implementation. (Daniel Arizpe / Paola Sangalli)


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Afternoon 15-17:00 Practical Workshop in groups of 8-10 people

15:00 - 17:30 Organisation of a work: Selection of plant material, preparation of the work and the plant material

Construction simulation with 1:20 scale models of the principal techniques

16:30 - 17:00 asking questions, summary, conclusions, and evaluation

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  • Know the principles and action areas of BioengineeringKnow the principles and action areas of Bioengineering
  • Know the main techniques used in both field level and in river slope stabilization
  • Using the model workshop at 1:20 scale in order to explain the main constructionmethods of Bioengineering techniques


7 hours

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